Quality is the building block of the future and a crucial element of our long-term success and existence.

Trust is one of our core values at the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food. Therefore, we pay particular attention to ensure trust in our services, whether it involves test results, evaluations, opinions, or compliance with agreements. Trust is built on competence, demonstrated through accredited methods, certified quality management systems, acquired authorisations and permits.

We have been continuously improving the quality of our activities, services, and the manner of operation of the institute as whole, in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system.

With the activities accredited pursuant to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 and SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, we ensure our clients internationally certified, independent, and impartial professional competence, provide credible testing and control results, and issue internationally recognised reports.

Supporting documents on established management systems and authorisations for performed activities:

Quality policy

The NLZOH management has adopted the quality policy in accordance with strategic goals. All employees are familiar with the policy; moreover, it is also available to relevant stakeholders. The policy is verified and updated at management reviews.

Quality policy means a commitment to:

  • Continuous improvement and update of the quality management system,
  • Monitoring the quality of processes and services; setting and monitoring measurable quality goals,
  • Best professional and laboratory practice and the improvement of services in accordance with the expectations, wishes, and requirements of stakeholders, and the applicable legal requirements in the fields of medical microbiological activity, environmental and health activities, chemical and microbiological analysis of food, water and other environmental samples, and the quality control of medicinal products,
  • Raise awareness and inform employees and relevant stakeholders of changes and updates in connection with services and quality system management,
  • Ensure the availability of resources for policy implementation,
  • Involve employees in education, professional training, and the development of competences for the quality performance of our services,
  • Ensure a suitable, safe and healthy working environment,
  • Social responsibility towards employees with family-friendly company policies.

We verify trust in our services by participating in international interlaboratory comparison schemes.